DIS-Imaging™ creates electronic documents that are easily Web-enabled

In the past, the ability to incorporate electronic documents into the Internet has been an expensive and often unrealistic process for many businesses. Many companies have spent thousands of dollars converting their paper documents into electronic documents, only to find Internet incorporation impossible unless they:

• Spend thousands more to add Meta tags to their documents so that web   browsers can identify and retrieve the documents, or

• Spend thousands more to host their own website, enabling outsiders to     access their document databases.

These barriers, such as costly conversion processes of adding Meta tags to their documents with HTML or XML conversion applications, have driven the price of Web conversion beyond the reaches of all but the largest of corporations; until now. DIS Imaging ™ allows businesses to affordably create electronic documents that are easily incorporated into the World Wide Web with no additional conversion costs. No other system on the market offers this advantage, and the reason is simple; we embed our
labels into the electronic PDF Document.

We embed our labels into the electronic document

The benefit of label embedment is enormous to our customers. One only needs to turn to the Internet and see how our labeled PDF documents integrate into the web, compared to our competitors’ solutions, to understand the advantage of this feature.

Since DIS-Imaging™ automatically embeds the label into the PDF document, all of the key search words and numbers contained in the label are searchable. For example, an embedded label could contain searchable characters such as the customer name, invoice number, job number, etc. This label can be searched by nearly every major search engine on the Internet that supports PDF document recognition, such as Google, Yahoo, and Excite, or by other hosted search engines like Microsoft Indexing
Service for self-hosted websites. Documents created by DIS-Imaging™ are easily adapted into a Web environment because our labels are automatically incorporated into the document. Uploading the documents created by our system onto a website is the only simple step necessary to experience web-based electronic documentation.

DIS-Imaging™ Compared to Other Systems

With most document imaging systems, the key words and numbers used to label the document reside in a database independent of the document, and the database simply links to the document’s file name, such as 000113.tiff. If these images were uploaded to the Internet, the only searchable information would be the file name (000113.tiff), which is meaningless for document searching purposes. Therefore, in order to make
this document searchable on the Internet, one must either:

• Attach a Meta tag with key words to the image, therefore allowing a           search engine to identify the document by key words, rather than just 
  the file name. This process requires an operator that is familiar with HTML   or XML language to relabel the documents, or

• Self-Host the website, allowing access to the database for document         retrieval. This choice generally narrows your Web solution options to the 
  vendor that sold you the document imaging system, in order to maintain
  compatibility with your database. One is therefore locked into a Web-    
  based solution that limits the option for future expandability and the ability   to change vendors. It also exposes your corporation to hackers that could   corrupt your database, causing significant problems for your IT    

Our labeling process is a feature incorporated into DIS-Imaging™, so unlike many other systems, no additional charge comes with Internet expansion. Electronic labels are embedded and attached to every electronic file created by DIS-Imaging™, so that everywhere the document goes, the label travels with it. No other system on the market offers such a simple solution to such a complex problem.

DIS, Inc. Corporate Information

Document Imaging Solutions, Inc. was established in 1996 to provide an affordable solution for converting paper into an electronic document format that can be quickly and easily accessed and shared throughout a company. We wanted to develop a system that was priced so that any business could take advantage of the benefits that document imaging offers. The result is DIS-Imaging™, an imaging system that is both affordable and easy to use. DIS-Imaging™ is priced competitively so that any company can justify the investment. It is so easy to use that entry-level personnel can be trained in a matter of hours to run the systems, yet robust enough that it is currently being used by the U.S. Naval Command Center in Washington D.C. and by the U.S. Marshals Service.
At Last—Web-Based Electronic Documents Become an Affordable Reality
Paper Filing System vs. Document
Imaging System

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• We eliminate expensive file
  conversion costs associated
  with web enablement.

• It is not necessary to understand
  HTML or XML language
  to incorporate our  PDF                     documents in the Web

• Gain access to the electronic
  documents at any time and from   
  any location.​

​Web enablement is no longer cost prohibitive with Document Imaging Solutions, Inc.

• Our electronic labels are
  automatically embedded
  into the PDF document,
  making each file fully
  searchable on the Internet.

• Everywhere the document
  goes, the label travels with

• We provide a total Web solution
  that is simple and

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information will allow your business
to travel with you.
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