Stronger Cases at a Fraction of the Cost

DIS-Imaging enables you to build stronger cases at a fraction of the cost of using a paper-based system by providing more efficient document management during case preparation and during all phases of the trial. Searches for documents and information contained within those documents that once took days now take hours. One can search each document for key words and hits that are highlighted right on the electronic document. Collaboration with partners can be handled more efficiently and thoroughly.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

By searching each document for key words and hits that are highlighted right on the electronic document, time is saved when searching for important information contained in a case file. Furthermore, greater security in knowing that you have not overlooked a critical piece of information that supports your case is provided. With DIS-Imaging, you can retrieve a document and then jump directly to the specific
information needed within the document. You will navigate from occurrence to occurrence of the word, starting with the first hit. Each hit is highlighted within the document, thus making the search process much more efficient, enabling users to retrieve and use information faster and in fewer steps.

Collaboration on Cases

DIS-Imaging enables multiple people to simultaneously view the same document. Because all PDF documents reside on your server or on the Internet, you are able to bring all pleadings, correspondence and case documents together in one place. Case management and organization are expedited when all the documents reside in one place and are not spread throughout the office or in several locations. 

Annotation Tools: Adobe Acrobat provides a host of electronic annotation tools that allow you to easily mark-up documents. Tools like highlighting, text strike through, circling, and sticky notes make case preparation easier and are useful in trial. The software automatically indexes and hyperlinks every annotation in a PDF file. This allows you to jump to the annotation by clicking on the link in the annotation index.

Intra-Document Links: You can also create intra-document links. Clicking on the hyperlink in one document opens the related document to the exact page you want to view. When examining a witness during a trial, this feature quickly and easily moves you through a series of exhibits.

Reduce Paper Storage Costs

A major benefit of DIS-Imaging to law firms is the ability to significantly eliminate paper storage costs. For example, the information packed into a three-drawer filing cabinet can be stored on one CD for a cost of under $1.00. Personnel time to file documents is also reduced because PDF files are filed from your desktop PC.

The U.S. Federal Courts Only Accept the PDF Format

One thing is becoming more evident: law firms are moving in the direction of filing cases electronically in the PDF file format. After an intensive study on ways to improve court processes and procedures, the U.S. Federal Courts have concluded that filing and sharing legal documents related to court cases is faster, easier and less expensive
using electronic PDF files. To streamline courthouse procedures, the U.S. Federal Courts developed the Case Management / Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF) now allows submissions and access to entire case files and dockets in PDF files via the Internet. Therefore, if you are going to be interfacing with the U.S. Federal Courts, it will become necessary for you to possess the capabilities of DIS-Imaging.

Combining Document Imaging with the Internet

Web enhancement makes case documents more accessible to every team member. Understanding Web-based HTML code is not required to share this information. Simply create a PDF document using DIS-Imaging and upload the document to your website. Your website then becomes the ultimate repository for all your case information. It brings pleadings, correspondence and case documents together in one
place that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime. 

When cases require collaboration among lawyers in several offices, the unlimited distribution potential of the Internet becomes a valuable resource for your firm. PC based among several offices. Combining DIS-Imaging with the power of the Internet unleashes a powerful strategic resource.
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