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In a business climate where organizations are looking for ways to cut costs and increase productivity, document imaging systems are providing the most dramatic impact since the copy machine replaced carbon paper. Finding and retrieving a document using our document imaging system, DIS-Imaging, is significantly faster than with a paper-based system. The amount of time saved using our electronic retrieval system is enormous because it eliminates the wasted man-hours spent filing, searching,
retrieving, and re-filing paper documents. This found time gives a business the option of either re-allocating an employee's time to more productive tasks, or to reduce the size of its workforce.

When information is freed from the physical limitations of paper and converted into an electronic format, it becomes a more valuable strategic resource. DIS-Imaging allows you to create electronic documents that can be viewed, searched, and printed from virtually any networked PC, while retaining their original look and feel complete with text, graphics, photos, and color.

Problems of a Paper-Based Filing System

The average document gets copied 19 times.

7.5% of all documents get lost, 3% of the remainder get misfiled.

Professionals spend 5-15% of their time reading information, but up to   50%  looking for it.

There are over 4 trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone growing at a rate of 22% per year.

90% of corporate memory exists on paper.

Of all the documents that get handled each day in the average office, 90% are merely shuffled.

Source: Coopers & Lybrand

Paper Filing System vs. Document Imaging System

Paper Filing System vs. Document
Imaging System

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Create electronic documents
that can be searched,
viewed, and printed from
any networked PC.

Save thousands in annual
storage and administration

Have access to the electronic
documents at any
time and from any location.

Professionals spend up to 50% of
their time looking for information.

It is virtually impossible to
lose a filed document using

90% of an organization's
knowledge resides in paper.

Print, fax or e-mail documents
with our system using
password-protected security
at the document level.

Approximately 23,000 electronic
documents can be
stored on a single CD costing
under one dollar

The time saved by electronic documentation is enormous

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